Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

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Our Values

Innovation and Change

Our commitment to innovation and change will underpin our efforts because of changing technological environment. Our partnership with other Departments, Agencies and stakeholders will be key to the delivery of high quality services to thepublic service machinery and its citizens.


Working together will be our strength and our collective efforts would guarantee the delivery of quality and timely services.


The conduct of our business must be done in a transparent manner to maintain public confidence in what we do.


The Department will value the expert knowledge of its staff and those who are engaged to provide technical and advisory services to the Department.


We will continue to value our stakeholders and development partners contributionstowards enhancing the quality of our services.


Our staff are highly valued and will receive support in the continuous upgrading of their knowledge and skills essential to our success and future growth.

Vision and Mission Statement
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