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Wordstrip WAP By Marrian Rema

About 800 children attending two primary schools in Port Moresby are proud recipients of new classrooms worth K2 million funded by the National Government.

They are the Wardstrip Demonstration Primary and Butuka Primary schools in the National Capital District.

Local contractor Wap & Co built a total of 16 classrooms, 10 for Wardstrip which will cater for about 500 children and 6 for Butuka, which will benefit about 300 children.

Despite awaiting payment for its work from the Department of Education, the contractor handed over the keys to the classrooms to the schools to coincide with the start of the 2015 school yearon 3rd of February 2015.

Managing Director for WAP & Co Limited, Wasa Amu said the children have a right to education and are the pillars of this nation through human resource development.

"I am not going to allow students to miss out because of a room that is supposed to cater for more than 30 students is not made available by a contractor who wants payment first before handing over the keys", Mr Wasa said.

However, Mr Wasa added payments owing to genuine contractors must be identified by the Minister and his Secretary and paid accordingly.

He said his company has so been paid a sum of K500 000 for the work.

The comments also come after certain groups of people claimed they had built classrooms and school infrastructure but were not paid and camped outside the Education Department office demanding payment.

"I want to show the government that I am a genuine contractor. These are the assets of WAP & Co limited using our own money." Mr Wasa said.

Mr Wasa said because he has financial support from his other assets like security firm, real estates and stationary company, his company was able to complete the buildings.

"I am using money from my other businesses to present a completed building which is not good. When you engage a contractor you must have money to pay. It's a failure for Education Department." Mr Wasa said.

The Wardstrip Primary School board commended the company saying it was straight from his pocket and honesty to nation building.

"We are hoping and praying for your dues to be paid for what you have done for the school is tremendous",said Head Mistress Mrs Ricky.

Wardstrip Demonstration Primary is one of the biggest state run schools in the country housing more than 3000 students from all over the Nation's Capital District.

The National Government had awarded the contract worth K4 million for the two schools to Wap and Co Ltd under its school infrastructure building program.

1. WAP & Co company Managing Director Wasa Amu handing over the keys to the two storey double classroom to the Wardstrip Demonstration Primary School Head Mistress Mrs Ricky, infront of a group of happy children who will be using the 6 classrooms.

2. The Board of Management members for the Wardstrip Demonstration Primary School with staff looking on as Head Mistress Mrs Ricky receives the keys to the classroom from Mr WasaAsu

3. Wap and CO Limited Managing Director Wasa Amu hading over the keys to Butuka Primary School staff as school board members look on with the two storey double classroom at the background.


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