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Capacity Building

  • Department of Communication and Information has been operating under-capacity since its formation as a Department in 2005. The situation became critical given the huge responsibilities government has over the years tasked the Department to implement. Therefore in 2013, capacity building was identified as an impact project to enable the Department to concentrate on building its internal capacity to effectively manage various government policies.
  • Approach taken was first to recruit to full structure as per the approval by the Department of Personnel Management and second, to train and equip officers with relevant trainings to effectively discharge their responsibilities.
  • In 2013, Department was allocated funds for thirty (30) positions. Twenty of those positions are staff -on-strength while ten (10) positions are vacancies to be filled. As at December 31, 2013, Department filled six (6) of the vacant positions and the process is continuing to recruit to all funded vacancies.
  • Staff training and up skilling has been poor in 2013as there was no proper training plan in place. However an initial step has been taken with the funding assistance through PNG-World Bank Rural Communication Project where the capacity requirement of the Department was scoped. A Main Report produced by the consultants' sets out a strategy on capacity building in the policy formulation and advisory and is set for implementation in 2014 again with the funding assistance under PNG-World Bank Rural Communication program. This will continue to be a priority activity into 2014.


Papua New Guinea has Bi-lateral relations with the Malaysian Government through Joint-Committee on ICT. A Memorandum of Understanding on Information & Communication Technology Corporation between the two Governments was signed on the 24th March 2009. Following this, a Joint Committee on ICT was established to pursue the objectives of this MOU. The inaugural meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia three months later on that same year. In 2010, it was hosted by PNG in Kokopo. During these two meetings, following Sub-Committees were established to continue the corroboration between the two Governments(see table).

No Department/Agency Name Sub-Committee Name
1 Department of Communication & Information E-Government
2 Department of Justice & Attorney General Legal Working Group
3 National Information & Communication Technology Regulatory
4 Telikom (PNG) Ltd Telecommunication
5 National Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting
6 Office of Civil Registry Civil Registry

Upon mutual agreement between the two parties, the 2011 meeting was deferred to 2012 and was held in Malaysia. The 4th JC-ICT meeting did not eventuate in 2013 and preparations are currently underway to have it here in PNG.