NCD Police divides city into zones to improve policing

NCD Police divides city into zones to improve policing

A high speculation of increase in drive-by kidnappings has forced the Police Commissioner Gari Baki to launch a new National Capital District (NCD) policing strategy.

The strategy is to enhance police visibility and improve policing within the NCD D in the wake of the recent unconfirmed reports of drive-by kidnappings. 

Commander of Police in the NCD and Central Provinces, Assistant Commissioner Donald Yamasombi said Port Moresby will be divided into three operational zones and each of them would be administered by a senior officer at the rank of Superintendent.

“While the city is developing, the influx of unemployed people drifting in from the rural areas is also exponentially growing, giving rise to all forms of crime and the Constabulary is determined to curtail the city’s crime rate.

 “The Commissioner’s directive in this new introduced method is aimed at stemming crimes more particularly street muggings, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and car-jacking,” Mr Yamasombi said.

He said offenders would be prosecuted just as scammers and scare-mongers who are maliciously posting these reports on social media, would be investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted under the country’s cybercrime laws.

 “That is not to say such crimes are not happening. There has been a number of reports and we are investigating them and taking action but the fake posts are causing so much fear, anxiety, mass hysteria and actually fuelling or adding to our law and order problems,”  Mr Yamasombi said. 

Meanwhile Mr Yamasombi has urged    the general public, victims and witnesses to come forward and report such incidences.

Informants and victims can contact the Boroko Police Operations Centre on telephone 3244 330 at any time to report such crimes. Or alternatively they can contact the Police through the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Facebook