Governor –General expresses gratitude to Diplomats

Governor –General expresses gratitude to Diplomats

The Governor-General, Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, acknowledges and expresses his gratitude, on behalf of the government and the people, to all Foreign Heads of Missions in the country, for their enormous contributions to strengthening relations between Papua New Guinea and their respective countries and organisations.

Sir Bob hosted a function for the 17 Foreign Heads of Missions in   Papua New Guinea at Government House on April 30.

  Also, in attendance were representatives of international organisations, namely, World Bank Group, United Nations and the Asian Development Bank.

Sir Bob emphasised Papua New Guinea’s foreign policy of, ‘friends to all, enemies to none’ at the gathering, and extended his welcome to all foreign Diplomats in the ‘true spirit of friendship and Melanesian hospitality.

He said establishing and developing prior relationship with the Ambassadors, High Commissioners and heads of international organisations, has strengthened the cooperation in achieving   respective foreign policy priorities.

Papua New Guinea’s foreign policy theme, Connecting for Peace and Prosperity in a Changing World, also places its diplomatic relations with almost 90 countries around the globe.

Sir Bob told the gathering, that he valued and appreciated the diplomatic relations with the respective countries and organisations   that are represented in the country.

“Papua New Guinea recognises the importance of maintaining good relations with other countries and we are working to establish diplomatic relations with more countries.

 “I see the role of the Diplomatic Corps extending beyond matters of state diplomacy. Modern diplomacy, as we know it today, involves building relationships with leaders of nations as well as its peoples.

“Consistent with our Foreign Policy theme, Papua New Guinea relies on its exports and trade for its prosperity and growth, therefore, having strong and well –developed people-to-people and trade and economic links, is necessary to achieving our priorities,” Sir Bob said .

He reminded diplomats to conduct their business in accordance with the Vienna Convention 1961, which, states that the Department of Foreign Affairs of   Papua New Guinea, is the official and the first contact point at all times when conducting diplomatic business.

In response, the Acting Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Head of the European Union Delegation, Ambassador Ioannis Argyropoulos, said   it was important for foreign missions to build relationship with leaders and the people    for peace and prosperity.