Prime Minister Marape announces new Cabinet

The Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape has announced his full Cabinet of 33 Ministers who were sworn in at Government House on Friday,  June 7,  2019.

Prime Minister Marape  also  appointed Member for Esa’ala in Milne Bay Province,  Hon. Davis Steven , as his deputy and Minister responsible for  Justice and  Attorney -General.

Mr Steven  is the  deputy leader of the People’s Party, a coalition party in the Government., and will preside   over the social sector ,which  includes,  health, education, law and order, courts, the police and service delivery.

Mr Marape said, “I term this as the internal security of our nation and he will have my full blessing and of the Cabinet for being responsible over the other Ministers who are responsible for the social sector. He will be given total freedom to do and perform his roles.”

Meanwhile the Prime Minister will be presiding over the economic sector with the assistance of the Treasurer, Sam Basil, Finance Minister , Charles Abel and  National Planning Minister,  Richard Maru.

“I have total confidence in them. We will work hard on attracting foreign investors and improving our revenue collections systems, and to take back our country and economy and look at the resource laws for the benefit of our people,” Mr Marape said.

Meantime,  three vice ministers will  also be appointed to assist the  Minister for Agriculture , |John Simon, and they  will   be responsible for coffee and intervention in coffee,   copra, cocoa , palm oil and  the livestock sector .

 “We have a robust combination of Cabinet Ministers. Our intention is simple, but in two years’ time you don’t expect us to do miracles but the least we can do is by fixing our system of government and growing a robust and strong economy and take back our country in the right direction,” said Prime Minister Marape.

He said that the new Cabinet and the Government will focus on improving the public service and pointed out the main agenda was getting the public service machinery and key constitutional offices to function.

“For the next two years I don’t intend to speak too much about infrastructure. That will come when key economic policy interventions are made and the government system is functioning well.

“I am comforted that I have good men in the mix and they were picked amongst the equals,” Mr Marape said.

Mr Marape  has also assured that his government will be giving special attention  and support to issues facing Bougainville and the country, and therefore , has appointed  senior and experienced leader ,Sir Puka Temu as the Minister  responsible for Bougainville Affairs .

When announcing Hon.. Kerenga Kua’s appointment  as Minister for Petroleum and Energy,   Mr Marape  said  Mr Kua shared   the same visions and sentiments  with him,  in as far as resources in the country are concerned.

“He is very  experienced and has worked in this sector and his appointment is something that is fitting in the sector,” he said.