Teachers’ “MYPAYSLIP” App launched

Teachers’ “MYPAYSLIP”  App  launched

The Department of Education has launched a new Web Application that will enable teachers and public servants in the education sector to access their pay slips online.

The application allows them to register and be able to view their pay advices, download and print them anywhere they are as long as accessibility to internet is available. 

The Minister for Education, Joseph Yopyyopy said the traditional way of distributing printed pay slips , which is expensive and takes a long time to reach the teacher or officer,  will be a thing of the past now.


“This system is efficient and easily accessible. This is a web based application completely independent from the Department of Education and Department of Finance,” Mr  Yopyyopy said.


The Department of Education in partnership with the Department of Finance, has improved access to pay slips for teachers and officers with the development of a web-based application to produce pay slips for teachers and  education public servants. 


There are strict security measures installed to keep intruders out of the organizations which may use this service as a means of intrusion with bad intent and also minimize fraud and foul play related to teachers’ and public servants’ pay advices.


Mr. Yopyyopy said the introduction of the application is developed in line with National Education Plan 2015 – 2019, the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) 3 and Alotau Accord 2 to use technology to improve service delivery.


It can also be view through using a Universal Resource Locator (URL) on the education website that has been created (payslip.education.gov.pg).