Government needs current statistics for better planning

Government needs current statistics for better planning

 Current population and housing statistics are relevant and beneficial to enable the Government to make informed decisions.

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, and minister responsible for National Statistics Office, Richard Maru said this when presenting a ministerial statement   on preparations for Census 2020 in Parliament in June this year.  

He said the 5th National Population and Housing Census will be a biggest challenge and operation for the Government which will be undertaken by    the National Statistical Office.

Mr. Maru is confident the Census 2020 is the avenue to help the government establish concrete statistics for the country’s population moving forward for the next ten years.

“Census 2020 will be the basis to which we will formulate and implement development policies and priorities.”

Mr.  Maru added that the Population and Housing Census are the biggest ‘peacetime’ operation that is conducted in the country every ten years.

“In 1980, four full Censuses were conducted: 1980 Census, 1990 Census, 2000 Census and the last being the 2011 Census “

“It is the biggest operation than the national elections and is a key determinant in planning and efficient management of social and economic affairs of our country.

“In the last ten years, a lot has changed in the social, economic and demographic landscape of our country. This is what Census is all about”.

“The challenge for the government and for both sides of the house is to provide the utmost support to ensure that the Census 2020 is a success,” Mr. Maru said.

Minister Maru further    detailed   improvements to the Census by   placing emphasis on the essential systems, technical and financial support to effectively roll out the census process across the country.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) which has vast experiences in the implementation of national censuses around the world will be engaged to provide technical support in ensuring data collected, processed and disseminated is based on international set procedures and standards.

The oversight of the   Census will be managed by the National Census Steering Committee supported by four sub-committees:  Users Advisory Committee, Logistics and Security Committee, Finance and Procurement and Publicity Committee.

He added that the media publicity and awareness would also be an integral component to raise more public awareness and encourage full public’s participation in the census 2020 process.

The Census 2020 preparations have begun and will reach the peak period in 2020 while its operations will close in 2022.

It is expected that the official launch of the 2020 National Population and Housing Census will take place on 13 July 2019.

Mr. Maru has urged all provincial governments and district administrations to support Census 2020.