Marape acknowledges Referendum result

Marape acknowledges Referendum result

Prime Minister, James Marape has acknowledged the result of the Bougainville Referendum and assured the people of Bougainville   that the Government has heard their voices.

The majority of the people of Bougainville have voted in favour of gaining independence from Papua New Guinea.

Meanwhile, Mr Marape paid tribute to the Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, Mr Bertie Ahern, for his leadership and guidance and for the safe and peaceful voting.

The Bougainville Referendum is a key part of the Bougainville Peace Agreement which was signed in 2001. Under the terms of the agreement, the referendum is non-binding and will be subject to consultation after the vote took place.

“The conduct of the vote was excellent. I give full credit to the work of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, the Autonomous Bougainville Government, under the leadership of President Momis and the people of Bougainville who ensured that the referendum period was safe and that all Bougainvilleans could cast their vote.”

The Bougainville Peace Process will now begin with both governments    consulting   and developing a road map that should lead to a lasting political settlement, that the National Parliament would consider.

Mr Marape will travel to Bougainville on Friday, 13 December 2019, where he will sign a joint statement with President Momis in Arawa,

The consultation process is expected to commence in the new year.