Internet Price reduction by Telikom PNG

I am delighted to be here in first official engagement as Minister responsible for Kumul Telikom PNG, under the Marape-Davis Government.

When I was appointed to this important Ministry, I was given a very specific directive by the Prime Minister to lower ICT and energy rates in the country.


I took on this challenge by the Prime Minister, as I also strongly believe that ICT is the cross-cutting enabler to transform PNG economy now and into the future.


I am therefore pleased to announce that today marks a historic occasion for our people of Papua New Guinea where we will now enjoy major reductions in retail fixed and mobile data prices by the Kumul Telikom Holding Ltd, through its subsidiaries Bmobile and Telikom (PNG).


On average, internet prices are being reduced by 70% to 80%. These are permanent price changes not a one-off promotional campaign.


This initiative is consistent with our Government’s focus to transform and grow our economy, ultimately creating new businesses and even more new jobs.


These massive reductions in rates will also enable higher and  faster Internet for easier communication among our citizens; enhance the education of our children; and enable citizenry participation in governance.


I congratulate the staff of KTH, supported by the Government, and our development partners, who have been working diligently over several weeks to make this historic game-changer possible.

This great initiative would have not been possible without everyone’s collaboration, dedication and hard work to respond to your Government’s call.

My CEOs of KTH, Telikom PNG and BeMobile will give you all the details of these huge rate reductions.

All I can add is that after this official launch, we will experience significant price changes across all products including Retail Fixed Line Internet services both on Fibre and ADSL, as well as Retail Fixed Wireless Broadband and Bmobile products.

These reductions should have an impact on cost of doing business thereby encouraging more PNG citizens to start their own SMEs and other businesses, as well as enable increased productivity and efficiency for existing companies.

This is great news for the PNG economy.

 In terms of BeMobile changes, we will expect reduced prices of Data and Internet pre-paid and post-paid services both via our 3G and 4G mobile networks.

 Price reductions are of similar magnitude as the ones at Telikom and will provide significantly more affordable connectivity benefits to thousands of existing and new mobile customers.

 With these few remarks, I would like to invite all national government departments, all provincial governments, all district administrations, business communities all citizens to take advantages of these new exciting products and services offering from Telikom PNG and Bmobile.

 Going forward, to fully complement what we have achieved today, we will be meeting with PNG Power Management in the coming weeks to map out similar strategies and plans to lower cost of electricity rates.

 We have many challenges ahead but I am determined and confident that that together as a Team we can truly take back PNG and make this country the richest black nation as alluded to by the Honourable Prime Minister.

Thank you

 HON. Rainbo Paita MP

 Minister for Communication Information Technology Innovation & Energy