PM Marape opens first Catheterization Laboratory for a public health facility at PMGH

PM Marape opens first Catheterization Laboratory for a public health facility at PMGH

Approved for Release: 31st July, 2019


Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, officially opened the first Catheterization Laboratory for a public health facility at the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) today.


The Prime Minister said health is a right of all citizens and universal health care is the duty of all government.

“In modern contemporary PNG, our health services must be geared towards its present need and future trends,” Prime Minister Marape said.

“Life style diseases are present and will be present into the future.”


The Prime Minister said prevention must be promoted in the first instance and investigation and cure and care facilities must also be available in the 2020s going into the future.

“Availability of quality world best standard medical services is the dream of the Marape/Steven government and whilst we pay respect to all contribution thus far by past government, we will not stop,” Prime Minister Marape said.


“Working within budget limitations, we want to ensure all required types of medical services are present in our country by 2030.

“And we will start this journey by building on what we have here. By 2025 we want the journey towards all services to have taken shape.”

Prime Minister Marape said level 7 hospital in PMGH is to have modern facilities to handle all specialist care in the country, be it heart, kidney, lung, cancer etc.

“Our level 6 hospitals in our regions need to progress towards having their own facilities,” he said.

“Each province must have a functional modern hospital taking shape; and our district hospitals and health centers in rural areas must be reconstructed or constructed to deliver quality reliable health care and with modern digital health referral system that either brings health care to our people or refers the patients to higher care.

“Health is our people’s right. Modern quality care to all people is incumbent on my government and all of us here going forward.

“By 2030, I dream of a country where people are healthy and where quality care is available.

“Health tourism is a market opening big time in the Asia Pacific region and we too can fill in that niche market where cost of health will increase in nations around us.

“We have brilliant medical brains. We can build our health system and manpower to world quality and the health sector becomes an important component and fundamental foundation of our modern economy going forward.”

Prime Minister Marape added that his government, in proportion to the budget size, look forward to meet the requirements of the health sector target requirements, to ensure the national vision in Vision 2050 and his dream to make PNG the richest black Christian nation on earth is realized at the earliest.